National Bargaining to Kick Off in March

National Bargaining between Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions will kick off March 27 in Oakland as scheduled. Using the interest-based bargaining process, bargaining will be held during multiple sessions through early June.

The interest-based bargaining process is one of the most important ways we have built and strengthened our Labor Management Partnership (LMP) over the past 20 years. All parties in the partnership use this process to raise concerns, address challenges, and make decisions. Through this process, representatives from KP and the union coalition can once again work together to identify the most effective and efficient means of reaching a new National Agreement, to take effect Oct. 1.

Leaders of KP and the union coalition have agreed upon several principles of partnership to guide our relationship in bargaining and beyond, including SEIU-UHW. As a result, Kaiser Permanente has reinstated the privilege of participation in National Bargaining to SEIU-UHW, and preparations for National Bargaining are proceeding.

We look forward to beginning the interest-based bargaining process that has served all parties so well in the past, and to the successful completion of a new National Agreement. The Labor Management Partnership continues to be a source of pride and strength for the organization and the workforce, and enables us to better serve Kaiser Permanente members and patients.

We’ll continue to keep everyone informed about the progress of National Bargaining in the coming weeks.

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