Kaiser Permanente, Alliance of Health Care Unions Reach a Tentative Agreement

An Important Message From Chuck Columbus, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

We are pleased to announce that Kaiser Permanente and the Alliance of Health Care Unions, which comprises 21 union locals, reached a Tentative Agreement on September 23, 2018, on a new 3-year national, collective bargaining agreement. The negotiations, which began in May, are among the largest private-sector contract talks in the United States this year, covering nearly 48,000 Kaiser Permanente union-represented employees.

The Tentative Agreement enables the shared delivery of our mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care while ensuring we continue to be a best place to work — with competitive salaries and benefits, professional development, and an inclusive environment.

The agreement reaffirms both parties’ commitment to a renewed Labor Management Partnership, which continues all the benefits and obligations of the previous partnership, with added assurances and a commitment by Kaiser Permanente and partner unions to promote each other’s mutual success.

The Alliance unions will be communicating details of the agreement to their members this week. If ratified by the union membership and approved by Kaiser Permanente leadership, the Tentative Agreement will go into effect October 1.

Our Commitment to Labor and the Labor Management Partnership

We are proud of the results we have achieved for our members, patients, and customers — and for our workforce — through our Labor Management Partnership and the unit-based teams that give employees a voice in how work is done.

The Labor Management Partnership was created to bring together unions, workers, managers, and physicians at all levels to find better ways to work together, grow membership, improve quality, and make health care affordable for everyone.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to labor and to labor-management partnership.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to our mission and to one another.

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