KPSC-NUHW Psych-Social Workers Labor Update

November 7, 2018

A message from Arlene Peasnall, senior vice president, Human Resources Consulting, National Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and Hospitals, and Annie Russell, RN, chief operating officer, Southern California Permanente Medical Group, with today’s update on contract negotiations with the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) Psych-Social Workers Unit. Please print and share the attachment with your Psych-Social Worker employees:

Representatives from Kaiser Permanente and the NUHW Psych-Social Workers unit held their 12th bargaining session today. The meeting, which ran for approximately 5 hours, concerned Kaiser Permanente’s incentive plan and metrics proposal.

This plan affects NUHW-represented employees working in Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and Medical Social Services. Kaiser Permanente had planned to discuss its incentive and metrics proposal with the Home Health employees unit as well; however, the employer’s representatives for that unit were not available. Talks about this proposal with the Home Health unit will be held at a future meeting.

There continues to be a significant difference between the compensation proposals made by NUHW and Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente looks forward to bargaining in good faith on these differences and advancing the bargaining process to reach a fair agreement.

There were no tentative agreements reached at today’s meeting. December 3 or December 17 were offered as tentative dates for next bargaining.

Contract negotiations to reach a new labor agreement with NUHW began on July 9.

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