Welcome Back NUHW Workers

Dear Colleague:

Welcome back to each of you, our valued staff, who were on strike from December 10 to December 15. We also want to express our deep appreciation and thanks to those who placed the needs of our patients first and stayed on the job during the work stoppage.

We look forward to our upcoming bargaining sessions with NUHW, so that we can reach a fair contract that will allow us to collectively move forward and continue to deliver outstanding care to our members and patients every day.

We respect the rights of each employee to work with and support their representative unions. At the same time, each of our employees also has the right not to be pressured or intimidated to participate in a work stoppage. We have strict policies in place to protect employees’ rights to choose whether or not they want to participate in lawful union activity.

As we return to post-strike operations, we understand there may be lingering differences of opinion about the work stoppage and other union-related issues. We ask that you remember we are here to care for members and patients either directly or indirectly and to set aside labor-related differences while we continue contract negotiations going forward. Each employee is expected to follow all applicable policies and rules, including our Principles of Responsibility and the policy against harassment in the work environment, regardless of any differences of opinion about union related issues. We expect and require all employees to treat each other with courtesy and respect and maintain an environment free of harassment. If you believe you have been subject to any of this behavior, you should inform your immediate supervisor and/or contact your Human Resources Department.

We know that you will continue doing what you have already proven you do so well – delivering the high quality care and service our members and patients expect and need to make their lives better.

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