KPSC-NUHW Psych-Social Workers Update

January 18, 2019

A message to our Psych-Social Workers from Annie Russell, RN, chief operating officer, Southern California Permanente Medical Group; Arlene Peasnall, senior vice president, Human Resources Consulting, National Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and Hospitals; and Maryanne Malzone, interim senior vice president, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Health Plan and Hospitals:

Kaiser Permanente and NUHW concluded their 16th bargaining session on Friday, January 18.

During this meeting, Kaiser Permanente presented a tuition reimbursement proposal for all benefit-eligible employees who’ve been employed for at least 90 days. The benefit allows for a portion of these funds to be used to reimburse employee travel and room/lodging expenses. NUHW offered a counterproposal that KP will review.

Kaiser Permanente also provided a written proposal confirming its January 3 verbal offer to increase the HRA funding levels for each year of service for qualifying employees who retire after January 1, 2020.

Kaiser Permanente said it is not opposed to considering NUHW’s proposals to increase nurse wages and add new psychologist classifications. At the same time the Union was informed that KP would evaluate these proposals in light of the broader, overall economic package, and it would be helpful for Kaiser Permanente to know and understand the Union’s economic priorities.

NUHW presented a new Staffing and Access Committee proposal, which provides for the establishment of Joint Staffing Committees at each medical center. Kaiser Permanente will review the proposal and respond in the future.

Additional bargaining dates are being reviewed by labor and management.

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