KPSC-NUHW Healthcare Professionals Update

April 18, 2019

A message to our Healthcare Professionals from Annie Russell, RN, chief operating officer, Southern California Permanente Medical Group; Arlene Peasnall, senior vice president, Human Resources Consulting, National Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and Hospitals; and Maryanne Malzone, interim senior vice president, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Health Plan and Hospitals.

The 16th bargaining session between Kaiser Permanente and NUHW’s Healthcare Professionals unit occurred on Tuesday, April 16.

Kaiser Permanente and NUHW reached a tentative agreement for the Regional Professional Practice Committee.

An economic package that included a counter to NUHW’s proposal to increase the bilingual pay for Speech Therapists was presented by Kaiser Permanente.

NUHW offered a career ladder proposal for audiologists, speech therapists, and dieticians. KP rejected the proposals for the first two groups and will review the language for dietitians.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for April 30.

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