KPSC-NUHW Healthcare Professionals Labor Update – 06/04/19

June 4, 2019

A special message to our Kaiser Permanente Southern California NUHW Healthcare Professionals from Annie Russell, RN, chief operating officer, Southern California Permanente Medical Group, and Julie Miller-Phipps, regional president, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Health Plan and Hospitals. 

In our May 10 letter to you, we shared our optimism over a new path of collaboration after several weeks of conversations with patients, providers, and members of the bargaining team. Over the three weeks of bargaining we’ve had since then, we feel even more positive that we have jointly made tremendous progress toward an agreement. We are sending you this letter, so you can see for yourself the comprehensive set of proposals and initiatives we have been discussing in bargaining. We know it’s long, and we hope you’ll agree this is important, so are providing you with everything.

Your bargaining team colleagues are thoughtful, credible and informative. We feel so fortunate to have such a talented and compassionate group of clinicians at the table committed to providing the highest quality of l health care and service to our members and patients. They shared your desire for inclusion in a collaborative process with management to design the future model of care. They also helped us understand your perspective on equity in rewards and recognition, and the desire to improve care for our members.

We share in this commitment. We want to ensure you are aware of several efforts we are mobilizing – some on our own initiative, and some subject to bargaining – to improve access and care for patients, and address what we have learned about your interests.

We have listened to your concerns and in response we are committed to the following immediate actions to make a positive difference for our patients and providers:

Rewards and Recognition that reflect our industry leading compensation and benefits program:

  • Combination of wage increases and guaranteed lump sum payments that ensure continued market leading compensation. For Health Care Professionals we are proposing across-the-board wage increases for the of 3% (retroactive to October 2018), and 2% for the next two years, coupled with 1% lump sum payments in each of those next two years.
  • Annual Performance Sharing Bonus program up to $3,000 for the Health Care Professionals Unit
  • We will also commit to work together to gather and analyze data related to Kaiser Permanente jobs and pay rates, develop a common understanding of this data relative to the market, and review our findings ahead of the next round of bargaining. We remain committed to competitive pay that allows Kaiser Permanente to continue to be an employer of choice while improving affordability and delivering high-quality care and service.
  • In addition to the existing Employer’s contribution of 6% to the Defined Contribution pension plan, we are offering an additional 3% match of your contribution. So, if you contribute 3%, the net effect would be a 12% annual contribution.
  • Double the retiree medical Health Reimbursement Account from $1,000 per year of service to $2,000. No change to existing active medical and pension programs
  • Increase the annual dental maximum and child lifetime orthodontics maximum to $1,500 to bring you on par with other professionals.
  • Increase tuition reimbursement from $2,500 to $3,000 with $750 of the total usable for travel which bring this benefit on par with other roles.


At the bargaining table, we have put forward the essential elements to close bargaining in a comprehensive proposal that reflects our interest in improving the working conditions and compensation of our valued Healthcare Professionals and improving services for our members and patients.

Thank you for your dedication to our patients and the work you do every day. Together, we will work to improve health care services to make Kaiser Permanente the employer of choice for Healthcare Professionals and demonstrate that Kaiser Permanente is a model for the entire nation.

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