KPSC – NUHW Psych-Social Professionals Contract Proposal Summary Update

We Want to Reach a Contract

Kaiser Permanente wants to create a labor agreement that:

  • Continues to provide our Psych-Social Chapter employees with highly attractive wages and benefits.
  • Produces a fulfilling work and care environment for our staff and our members.
  • Propels the collaboration between management and labor that will help us, together, meet and beat the mental health care challenges facing our nation.

We have actively bargained with NUHW’s leadership to reach such a contract since last July. We’ve held more than 20 bargaining sessions and attained tentative agreements. Most importantly, we’ve listened to you and we believe our current proposals reflect and respond to the vital issues that have been raised during our talks.

The information below highlights our key proposals delivered to NUHW’s bargaining team. Over the next several days, your union leadership is asking that you review and determine if our offer is right for you. It’s our hope that after your review, you’ll conclude that these terms will provide you with highly attractive wages and benefits and will strengthen Kaiser Permanente’s ability to be the best place in health care to work and to receive care.

A Summary of Kaiser Permanente’s Key Contract Proposals to the Psych-Social Chapter Employees
(*Items listed are subject to bargaining)

Your Personal Economics

Across the Board Wage Increases and lump sum payments*

• Effective retroactively to October 7, 2018, an increase of 3%.
• Effective October 6, 2019, an increase of 2% and a 1.5% lump sum bonus for full- and part-time active employees.
• Effective October 5, 2020, an increase of 2% and a 1.5% lump sum bonus for full- and part-time active employees.

Annual Performance Sharing Bonus of up to $5,000*
A Ratification Bonus of 1% will be paid to full- and part-time active employees employed on the date the new contract is ratified.

No changes to Active Medical and Pension Programs

Annual dental coverage*
Increased to a maximum of $1,500

Alternate Mental Health*
Effective January 1, 2020, the Alternate Mental Health coverage will cover 80% of reasonable and customary charges, inclusive of both inpatient and outpatient, with no maximum number of visits.

Benefits by Design Voluntary Programs*
Effective January 1, 2020, the Benefits by Design Voluntary Program will be made available to eligible employees on an after-tax basis. Available options may include: long-term care insurance, legal services insurance, additional term life insurance, identity theft maintenance, and auto, homeowners’, and pet insurance.

Wage Differential Enhancements*
Differential increases for Evening Shifts, Night Shifts, and Standby Pay.

Market-competitive adjustments to wage scales*
Kaiser Permanente proposed market adjustment increases to wage scales for Psychiatric Registered Nurse professionals with associated minimum requirements for the position to align with other Southern California nursing professionals.

Tax Deferred Retirement Savings*
Effective January 1, 2021, Kaiser Permanente will match 100% of an eligible employee’s contribution to his/her EDC plan, up to three percent (3%) of the employee’s eligible compensation. Effective January 1, 2021, Employees working at Kaiser Permanente on December 31 of the applicable year who contribute throughout that year at least 2% of their eligible compensation, or 3% of eligible compensation if they participate in the EDC plan, will receive the applicable match from Kaiser Permanente on the total of his/her eligible compensation.

Retiree Medical Health Reimbursement Account*
Increased to $2,000 per year of service

Your Practice & Staffing

Immediate Relief* (within 30 days of contract ratification)
• Staffing with temporary agency resources and therapists where available to assist with return access.
• Staffing with temporary agency psychiatric RNs for triage where indicated.

Increased supplemental staffing resources
(temporary, per-diem, agency) for an immediate increase in internal capacity.

Office practice support (as indicated)
• Appointment clerks
• Clerical resources
• Extender roles

More recruiters and staff working to fill mental health positions.

More rapid expansion and refresh of mental health offices, facilities.

SCAL Care Navigators*
20 additional FTE positions (LCSW/MFT) for the Southern California Care Navigator rollout and implementation will be created to provide immediate access relief. The positions will be added as soon as administratively possible in relation to individual medical center start-up operational needs.

New Job Classifications*
Two new classifications have been proposed: Developmental Psychologist and Neuropsychologist. Both classifications will be paid 5% above the current Psychologist wage scale. Also, an additional 5% differential will be paid to Neuropsychologists who obtain and provide proof of valid Neuropsychology board certification.

Professional Development & Growing the Workforce

Increased tuition reimbursement to $3,000/year*

Future educational costs
75% tuition coverage at partner schools for eligible employees pursuing master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical practice.

KP investments to support:
• Post graduate Fellowship & Residency programs
• Expansion of KP’s master’s practicum and post-doctorate programs
• Grants to fund clinical research
• Grants to expand college degree programs in mental health

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