Important Message to Our NUHW Represented Employees

November 1, 2019

Dear Kaiser Permanente NUHW-Represented Employees:

The fires across California have been disruptive and devastating to many of our employees, patients, members and communities, and we know the volatility of this fire season is far from over. 

At Kaiser Permanente we have seen our employee community come together in extraordinary ways to ensure that our members get the critical care they need and in support of our employees who are facing disruption. These are the moments when we are at our very best.

On Tuesday, October 29, we reached out to the NUHW leadership with a request to postpone the 5-day strike that they had been advocating. Given the crisis activities underway, we felt this was an appropriate ask that would allow us to fully focus our resources where they are needed most – providing essential care. Our teams in northern and southern California are working around the clock to address an ever-changing situation and cannot be distracted to also plan for a threatened strike.

We’re disappointed with the decision to proceed as we are concerned this may draw our resources away from managing the crisis. We do appreciate that they extended their willingness to support any therapist who chooses to cross the picket line to care for our patients.  

We will ensure our patients, members, and employees have the needed resources to manage through this challenging time. We can do this best with you at our side and hope that you will consider coming to work despite the call for a strike.

We appreciate what you do each and every day to serve many of our most vulnerable members – in and out of these crisis situations.


Annie Russell, RN, MSN, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Frank Hurtarte
Senior Vice President
Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Health Plan and Hospitals

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