CNA Bargaining Update – July 18, 2016

A message from Arlene Peasnall, senior vice president, Human Resources, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Southern California, and William Grice, senior vice president and area manager, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, concerning the July 18 contract negotiations with the California Nurses Association:

The July 18 meeting was the first bargaining session since June’s four-day strike by LAMC’s CNA-represented nurses. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals came prepared and hopeful that it would receive a comprehensive counteroffer or, minimally, a wage and benefit counteroffer to its comprehensive contract proposal of April 26. CNA presented no new economic proposals during this meeting.

The two sides did reach a tentative agreement on the issue of Grievance and Arbitration, which was contained in the KFH comprehensive offer.

No next dates for bargaining were set at this 26th session. Additional dates are expected to be set in the near future.

KFH will continue to encourage the union to accelerate the pace of bargaining by providing a either a comprehensive counteroffer or, minimally, a wage and benefit counteroffer.

Almost two months ago, KFH made a comprehensive offer to make LAMC’s CNA-represented nurses among the highest paid nurses in Southern California. We still want to accomplish this, but we need the union to stop its delays and begin bargaining in earnest.

See the following flier for details about KFH’s comprehensive offer and its impact on your wages.